We’ve moved …

I’ve formed a new translation group, Xeno Translations and thus, we have a new website at http://www.xenotranslations.org

All future updates will be posted there. So please update your bookmarks. See you there!


Text Extractor is Done, Inserter is Next!

Today, I managed to finish the text dumper for Sol Trigger. This means that Sol Trigger Manager is now successfully retrieving and storing the pointers, then uses them to dump out the text into a UTF-8 text file.


Working on Translation Tool

For the last few days, I’ve been working on my translation tools for Sol Trigger. Originally, I had the decompression/compression tool separate and was starting to build the text extractor/inserter on it’s own. Since then, I’ve combined them both into one program that I am now calling Sol Trigger Manager. I’ve also improved the decompression/compression part of the tool considerably.


Announcing Sol Trigger English

I’d like to announce my first Subevil’s Den English Translation project, Sol Trigger! Below you will see a simple screenshot showing some dialogue replacement in the game. This is just a quick example. Yeah, the spacing between the letters is horrible. I know. The plan is to have that fixed before release.

Early Screen


Welcome to my blog!

This blog’s sole purpose for existing is to be a place to post updates and share information about JRPG translation projects that I am currently working on.

At the moment, this blog is in it’s infancy. There really isn’t anything here to see. Within the next few weeks or so, I plan to announce the very first translation project that I’ll be starting up.