Sol Trigger English

Sol Trigger English

As of writing this page (4/23/2013), the Sol Trigger English Project is still very much in it’s infancy. I’m in the process of programming the tools for the game. I’ve completed the compression/decompression tool and will be starting work on the text dumper/inserter soon.

Sol Trigger is a great JRPG for the PSP and, let’s face it, it has very little chance of ever getting an official English localization. The PSP translation scene is minuscule compared to other platforms, but there are quite a few great games on the system and the only way we’ll ever play them in English is via fan translations.

This will be a full translation. We will not be releasing sequential patches. There will be a patch when everything is complete. If you’re thinking the patch will be available soon, I’m sorry. This is going to take a long time. It is going to be a lot of work. I can’t even fathom when we will be done. But we will be releasing eventually. This project will not get dropped. I will be seeing it through to 100% completion. I know a lot of other projects never get completed. I have my mind set on the finish line and we’re going to reach it. This project is very much doable.

Expect me to make frequent blog posts on this website. Sometimes I’ll have big updates, sometimes small updates, sometimes I might just want your feedback. I want to make sure I keep a connection between the team and the followers.

The Team

Lead Programmer -> Subevil
Translator(s) -> None, I’ll be recruiting some soon.
Editor(s) -> None, I’ll recruit some when we’re further along in the project.


When will it be released?
When it’s done.

Can I be a beta tester?
We’re too early in the project to even be thinking about beta testers. Even so, when the time comes, I will not letting just anyone be a beta tester. I have to know and trust the person.

Which languages?
At the moment, English. Sometime in the future, I may look at expanding to other languages, but currently my focus is on English only.

The in-game text has horrible letter spacing. Are you going to fix it?
My plan is to have it fixed before release, which gives me plenty of time. It will most likely involve assembly, I intend on spending a good length of time learning it.

Will the anime cutscenes have subtitles?
Yeah, that’s the plan. It won’t be until much later on, though. That’ll require assembly, most likely.

Does using Google Translate count for becoming a Translator?
NO! Anyone applying for a spot as a Translator and plans on using a machine translator will be kindly shown the door.

Can you help me with X translation project?
Currently, I don’t want to do any projects except for Sol Trigger. In the future, I may start other projects or I may join an existing project. It has to be a game that interests me, though.

Will you accept donations?
No, I’m doing this project because I like the game, because I want to use the experience to improve my programming abilities, and because I enjoy doing these things. Fan translations are already a legal grey area. I don’t want to risk attracting the wrath of developer.

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